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The haiwaiische word for "quick" is used throughout the world for knowledge databases of various kinds; the most famous is, of course, Wikipedia .

up to at this point both refugees and full-time and volunteer workers helping refugees in Viersen, and of course all other interested visitors, information procure and perhaps even be able to participate in developing and expanding the wiki itself.

How do I find a particular piece of information?

  • In the sidebar to the right is the field f uuml; r the Wiki Search, In wiki entries are found that exactly match the search term.
  • The Wiki-Archiv pointing to his individual pages above each alphabetical index, with the selection of items shown can be limited on the initials.
  • Each entry can be found at the end of the text corresponding category and f & uuml; r the products stored SCHLAGW & ouml; rter, Both Link forms lead to related topics articles.
  • In addition, the premium producetitle In-text links to articles, where they occur title.
  • CLOSE Lich located at the end of this page nor a compilation of Recognized Wiki entries directly & Uuml; ber Links callable are ..

How can I contribute to the Wiki?

If you are interested in helping the expansion and maintenance of the database, just send a short message about the Contact f & uuml; r Ehrenamtler , Simply enter in the field for the possible activities “Wiki” on. We send you then the corresponding access and a brief guide (it's really quite simple) via Email. Once done, the little guide is of interest to you, will be described in which, as you enter new entries and modify existing, you here call k & ouml; can .

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