Table Tennis Instructor Training

Training as a table tennis coach

Together with the State Sports Association NRW WTTV organized a C-trainer training that begins in December 2017 and will be completed in February 2018th This training is funded separately from funds of the State Chancellery NRW and is therefore offered free of charge or inexpensive for refugees.
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Advice for Ehrenamtler

Advisory services for Ehrenamtler

Whether in the vote in the team or in combining volunteering with work and play - a voluntary commitment could bring special challenges. This offer is aimed at Ehrenamtlerinnen and Ehrenamtler and should help to improve cooperation and communication within the team ...
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Christiane Langer

Christiane Langer - coordinator and networker at SKM for Refugee Aid

Soon after the SKM Kempen-Viersen e. V. was involved in the leadership of the refugee assistance in Viersen, resulted
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Pro Asyl - Search on Afghanistan

Afghanistan is not a safe country

PRO ASYL veröffentlichte eine umfassende Recherche zur politischen und ökonoischen Situation in Afghanistan. Das Fazit ist eindeutig: "Afghanistan ist kein
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Young Escaped

Information for young Escaped about job and training

Die G. I. B. NRW (Gesellschaft für innovative Beschäftigungsförderung) hat die Broschüre "Übersicht über zentrale Angebote zur Integration in den Ausbildungs- und Arbeitsmarkt" veröffentlicht.
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Poster campaign

Kreis Viersen sponsoring Plaktaktion refugee aid

The new poster points to the home page of the refugee assistance in Kreis Viersen. The short notice for refugees is multilingual.
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Follow Us

Follow and share: Nobody can move forward without Social Networking

The refugee relief site in Viersen is aimed at a several times limited circle of interested parties. to use all modern means of communication is more important.
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wanted volunteer writers for the Refugee Assistance Wiki

The online portal of refugee aid in Viersen District has launched a wiki information shall on all relevant issues about the refugees as well as full- and volunteers, as well as interested visitors to the site, which are for the work for refugees of concern.
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be coach

Instructor training for refugees and asylum seekers

The Kreissportbund Viersen offers from Saturday, August 27 in Willich a course at especially for refugees and asylum seekers and athletic club interested employees. The course is particularly aimed at young adults aged 18, meet the refugee status, have a chance of perspective to stay or at least a year to live in Germany. Good knowledge of the German language and affinity for sports is a prerequisite
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information material

Refugee Aid: telephone hotlines and information material

Im Mai 2016 stellte Dr. Ralf Kleindiek, Staatssekretär im Bundesministerien für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend, einige unterstützende Maßnahmen des Ministeriums für Menschen in Konfliktsituationen vor - unter anderem zwei Hilfetelefone, die auch für geflüchtete Menschen eine wichtige Anlaufstelle sind.
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