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Viersen growing - Photo: © Stephan Walochnik -
Viersen growing - Photo: © Stephan Walochnik -

1. What is this all about because actually?

The main occupation in the refugee aid managers are supported by a large number of volunteers who put themselves at the service of the cause. There are kept different assistance for the refugees in Kreis Viersen. These include clothes and other donations (Z. B. used bikes, household items, furniture, etc., etc.).

More Examples for supporting fugitives: In a personal care convey godparents knowledge of general practices and provide assistance and support in administrative procedures, medical visits and much more in order to facilitate the settling. schoolchildren be supervised and supported to overcome especially the almost always existing language problems as quickly as possible. In Deutschkursen mediate engaged citizens the first basic language skills, which are a prerequisite for successful integration into our society. There are still a number of other fields of activity (in the closets, the collection, etc., etc.)

2. How do I find a very specific offer of help?

OVER the full-text search

Use the search box (In the side area above right) for a specific aid project (or other fields - except appointments), or search the site /search/ , After entering the search term (eg. B. „Sozialberatung Viersen“9 press the Enter key. In the results of all the news articles, aid projects and, if there is a corresponding tag entry, venues are included (from the diary) to the term. Open such a venue by clicking on the title, and the associated individual appointments appear.

fixed search phrases, Ie more than one-word keywords are after OR procedure processed, thus deliver results that match one of the words entered. The search engine also determines the relevance and should list the first results, which include all words. Do you want to see only results that exactly match the search phrase used, do not add Req navigation use currency sign.

OVER navigation

All areas of this portal are navigation use over the Navigationsleisten above the main content and au & szlig; addition in most cases also in the Widget-Bl & ouml; bridge reachable on the right side. Navigate to this way „Hilfsangebote“ and you meet there your selection to the corresponding aid projects to get. In diary can be found on such projects, with Terminsetzungen are connected, the matching Term and & Auml sites; the and the necessary contact details.

The calendar features & uuml; gt addition & uuml; ber own search functions, Including a radius search (About 15 km). It can be switched to different view planes and offers export buttons that allow the selected entries easily imported into your calendar can be.

3. How can I have a volunteering inform?

There is information zun & auml; waxed at /information/ or also on the sides of / Information / helper / , / Information / help / , / Help / patenschaft / or / Information / help / language teaching / - All also within previously mentioned about the navigational aids.

Would you like to contact to get more information, please contact us via the page / Information / ehrenamt / .

Already known as a volunteer and have a specific project in mind that it should be published in this site and, if applicable. also be included in the calendar. Register your project at / Aid project-Report / .

4. How can I collaborate on this platform?

At this portal go & ouml; rt a News-Blog (Blog). This is what makes the site so to speak a InternetzeitungIf as many interesting, informative or just entertaining posts appear.

Let the reader, therefore, to share your experiences and adventures, Either as full-time or part-time employees in the refugee assistance in Viersen, or as a patient who reports from his perspective about experiences, Erduldetes, suffered or rants. It is very simple, a Articles navigation use bermitteln, Then the published in News Blog is: Easy on the page / article-submit / Enter your own articles and submit. Thank's for join.

5. How can I Up to date hold?

You can also news blog Subscribe to this site by using the bottom right block to subscribe.

Then you are sent a e-mail message when a new article is published.

6. How can I work helping refugees in the Kreis Viersen with my donation bottom navigation use tzen?

Your help is a form Property, time or money donation very welcome. All data that you need for the bank transfer to the donation account, we believe in /donate/ for you. Fill in the information about yourself so that we in the event of a cash donation Tax-deductible to submit.

A little documentation on this site and its functions l LEAVES located download here (PDF).