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Interpreters wanted - Photo: © ileezhun -

We are looking for constantly interpreters or translators for under fugitives most widespread languages. About the interpreter pool transferring appropriate tasks to the resultant demand occurs.

If you want to have the appropriate language skills and to participate, please sign in using the form below for joining the interpreter pool to. Currently popular are interpreters / translators especially for Arabic, English, Farsi / Dari, French, Pashtu, Tigrinya, Turkish and Urdu. We look forward to you!


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I stand for interpretation services in hospitals are also available:

I agree that the SKM Kempen-Viersen e. V. use my personal information for the purpose of organizing my interpreter use. This agreement can be revoked at any time.

Privacy Policy: All data will be processed according to the rules of data protection. They are used exclusively for the establishment and operation of the interpreter services and will not be disclosed to third parties.