The offers are quite different in nature.

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Offer of interpreting for government agencies, medical courses or anything else
Bicycle donations
Discharge of used bicycles for distribution to refugees

Cooking classes, sports, game

Krankenbahandlung and other medical services

Care of refugee children to finish homework

Disclosure of information on all topics of refugee aid
Crafts, painting, dancing, ball games
Children's Toys
Toy donations for children of refugees

Delivery of still usable clothing to refugees

Working with and for refugees in individual cities and communities

For refugees appropriate readings by authors or other
Furniture donations for refugees
Tuition for refugees in different types of schools

Care of refugees, accompanied by the authorities, doctors etc., help in everyday life, training of customs, regulations, customs and practices

Other donations to refugees (except clothing and bicycles)

Cutlery, pots, pans, dishes, bedding, towels for Refugees

Counseling for pregnant women
Swimming lessons for children
The aim is to passing the seahorse-examination
Other volunteer help
Volunteering, which is not covered by other types of project.

Advising refugees to various problems and topics

German language course
Language teaching Vorkurs
Vorkurs Deutsch für Teilnehmer ohne oder mit geringen Vorkenntnissen